Weekly Sit-Ups Workout is fully featured app provides a regular weight training exercise You can build muscles and get your heart pumping any where you want even in your living room. Weekly Sit-Ups Workout is recommended health app for losing fat around your abdominal region.

Situps have ever been considered the most easily and healthy exercise to build your health stamina and lean muscles in a very short time. If you are worried because of your ever increasing weight and fat around belly then it is time to make a new resolution. Weekly Sit-Ups Workout app will help in losing your belly fat and give you a thinner and toner shape.

There are so many variation in our situp plan. Through this is a training program. You can able to make 6 packs in just 6 weeks. Isn’t it amazing! Six packs! Your wish is going to be fulfilled now.

A regular routine of 200 sit-ups in a 6weeks plan can create a shapely and finely sculpted physique, flatten the abdominal area and strengthen your body.


  • A 6 week program with 5 sets in a day.
  • Exhaustion test available at the start and after every two weeks
  • Help and support Feature is available.
  • Sets number can be changed.
  • See the logs with Graph after every completion of a day exercise.
  • See the record of all the exercises.
  • Picker for choosing number of sets will be available.
  • Animation of sets number.
  • After every completion of set there will be rest time.
  • You can share the view about this application to your friends and family.
  • Tweet the application after every exercise.
  • Send us feedback as well.

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