As we know all that oxygen is important for us and we can not breath without oxygen. But if we talk about smartphones, battery is very important for them and without battery, smartphones will be off. So, the main important thing in smartphones are battery.

If you have experience difficulty enduring the day without charging, this is what you can do at this time to help your iPhone’s battery life.

1) Disable notification settings:

It is not very important that you get to know all about your Facebook, Twitter, Messenger etc notification if you have a trouble of charging. You can get important messages through SMS. Notification messages consum much battery. So, this is very important measure to save your battery.

2) Turn off your WiFi:

If you are outside from your home or area, then you should disable your wiFi to save your battery because wiFi also take too much battery.

3) Don’t keep your iPhone on vibration:

Always kept in mind that don’t keep your iPhone on vibration. Vibration mode use too much battery. Also we know that vibration is no good for health. There is beautiful tunes that you can set on your iPhone as a ringtones, sms tones etc.

4) Turn off Background and refresh your irrelevant apps:

This keeps the telephone dynamic and doing things out of sight, including surveying the information system, which diminishes battery life. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh, and either turn it off universally, or deactivate it for specific applications as you see fit. When you come back to the application, it may pause a minute longer to bring you new data, however it generally shouldn’t have any impact on how the application functions.

5) Turn off GPS:

GPS also consume battery life, so you must turn off if your outside or having trouble for charging. You can easily tap the “on/off” slider to location services.

I hope that all these measures will helpful for you to save your smartphone’s  battery if you have a trouble of charging or outside.



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