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CRAZYYY HIPPO is going to catch you, WATCH OUT!

Birdie vs Hippo a game of arch rivals naughty birdie and mega hippo. Birdie started all this by poking innocent hippos.

This All started as

Birdie: No one can mess with me, listen to me you Hippo.
Hippo: Even I don’t want to unleash myself on you.
Birdie: You stink big daddy.
Hippo: Who are you to say this? DUM DUM DUM…

Amazing App! You may Angry Birdie Apps. Notoriously plays with the emotions of Hippo and teases him all the time without any reason. Hippo gets irritated with birdie’s acts. The scene of birdie teasing. ARE YOUR READY TO GET REVENGE ! Birdie.

All you need to do is take the side of birdie and save her from mega hippos.


  • Kill your time by playing this amazing and thrilling game.
  • Three amazing themes are available.
  • Birdie with 5 lives.
  • Eat Apples to earn bonus.
  • Share your scores with your friends and challenge them lets see who is top scorer.
  • Book your slot in Hall of Fame.


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One Response to Birdie vs Hippo- A Game of Arch Rivals

  1. Kate says:

    Birds Vs Hippos doesn’t work! Frozen on Sound/Music On/Off screen