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Household items and other devices that are using in daily life are connected by electronics and Bluetooth-enabled appliances to smartphones and tablets are becoming progressively popular, providing for us an entire scope of joined things like mixing bowls, thermostats, cars and coffee makers are also linked toothbrush i.e Oral-B bluetooth Smart Series toothbrush, which incorporates Bluetooth toothbrush that work with an iPhone application. For all the latest news and reviews relating to household products, go to

Oral-B toothbrush launched its first smart bluetooth toothbrush in 2014 and start transporting the $125 Oral-B bluetooth toothbrush Pro 5000 SmartSeries with bluetooth later in the year. We got up to speed with Oral-B bluetooth toothbrush at CES in 2015 and got our involved an Oral-B bluetooth toothbrush Pro 5000 so we could impart the associated bluetooth toothbrush experience to MacRumors readers. Oral-B bluetooth toothbrush has a second higher-end model turning out not long from now, and the Kolibree bluetooth toothbrush, which gamifies cleaning, is at last discharging in several months. While we’re talking about Oral- B, you may have seen the adverts which showcase how important keeping on top of your oral hygiene is. Brushing your teeth twice a day will prevent gum disease and the build up of plaque. If this is something you don’t do but know you should, taking it upon yourself to visit a Dentist Indianapolis for example (or one closer to your location) could help you understand the importance of looking after your teeth and get your oral care to a higher standard. Dentists can be expensive so make sure you have a dental insurance plan set up. This is especially important as you get older, so check out Let’s Say Thanks which compares dental plans for seniors, before it’s too late and you have to face a significant bill.

In the Box:

The Oral-B bluetooth toothbrush Pro 5000 SmartSeries with Bluetooth ships with the bluetooth toothbrush itself, a brush head, a mean charging, a travel case, and a guide that strolls you by means of approaches to match the tooth brush to an iPhone. There’s additionally a stand to hold a few brush heads, yet as you’ll view later on in this testimonial, the brush and its obliging application isn’t genuinely suited for more than one client.

The Toothbrush:

The Oral-B bluetooth toothbrush Pro 5000 SmartSeries with Bluetooth is basically the organization’s standard Oral-B bluetooth toothbrush Pro 5000 toothbrush with a Bluetooth update. This bluetooth toothbrush has been around for a long while and has piled on a huge number of surveys on Amazon.

Therefore, we won’t go into an extraordinary measure of subtle element on the brush itself, yet we’ll hit a couple of significant focuses that merit knowing. Most importantly, the Oral-B bluetooth toothbrush Pro 5000 is a rechargeable electric bluetooth toothbrush that that wavers and turns to keep your teeth cleaner than a manual brush.


  • Redone clock alternatives
  • Supports longer cleaning times
  • Supports flossing, washing with tips
  • Anxiety sensing unit
  • Adds significantly more execution to an as of now significant thing


  • Can’t physically go into flossing/washing
  • Application is iPhone just
  • No backing for various clients
  • No backing for customized material

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