appstore Playing with Dollar Slider is easy and gives you a fun time without any deep or unwanted options. but If you still are having any difficulty then here is the detail help for you.

Tapping this option will make you ready to play the game. As soon as tap the dollar section the game will start with timer set on 1 min. You have now to slide maximum $ in 1 min . This is fun to slide bundles of dollars in just 60 secs. when your Time is up you wil get a screen asking for you feedback or More Apps;you can Cancel the screen and check out your earned Amount. Here you can save your collected amount with option ‘Save Amount collected’.  Also you can play the game again with ‘Play Again’ option.or get back to the Main Page. If you are liking the game then you can share app it with your buddies via Facebook, Twitter or Email and let your friend know about your new game score and challenge them to beat your amount.

You can set the sound of the game as per your choice; If you like the thrilling music while playing game the you can keep the sound ON and if you would like to play it silently then you can turn it OFF.

We support leader board which is there to display Leading scores of ‘Today’, ‘This Week’ and ‘All Time’.

You have option to check out the Highest collected dollars amount and check on what date they were earned.

Well you would love this option because from here you can choose the different exciting themes for your game. Every theme will attract you more than the other one. So just give them all a try and you will definitely love the change.

Well you can write your review about the free iphone games and give us your valuable feedback and tell us how you feel like while playing the game and what changes would you like in it.


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