Halal Food Guide (Free),Haraam,Food,Restaurants,alquran, Hilal, Halal Restaurant, Hilal FoodappstoreMobile Media City decided to develop an application considering the requests of its prestigious customers. Our Quality council finally came up with an amazing idea of putting forth an application which accesses users current location and then helps him in finding nearby Hilal Restaurants.

application iphone halal / Ipad Application has an amazing database of so many restaurants so that its users can easily locate nearby Restaurants using built in GPS system of your device.

Our team has been planning so many other similar features in this app like locating mosques, market and other similar stuff. Our Affiliations with so many restaurants will let you enjoy so many amazing coupon offers as well.

Users can subscribe for 3 days Free TRIAL for Online Quran .

Halal ingredient finder is up for the next brainstorming session. This App will tell its users is there any haraam ingredient in this food recipe or not.

In this application the user can have the following facilities:

  1. User can register him/her self for three days free trial for online Quran Classes or can cancel the registration page to go to next feature of application.
  2. User can find a nearest place where halal food is available near him/her in USA and Canada. (This application is useful only in USA and Canada).
  3. User can add or save the favorite place in the favorites page so that a user does not need an Internet connection to see the details of places which are added in the favorites page.



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