fuzzlepuzzleWouldn’t you do just about anything to be on Equal Footings?

Challenge your friend and let’s see who gets to pop the highest number of matching bubbles and moves on to the top. Right from the on start of the game, colorful bubbles landing from the sky will urge you to start playing and keep on until you have passed all levels. The aim of the game is to provide non-stop fun to players, making them feel younger, and challenging them to get the same colored bubbles together to pop with right precision.

In each level of the game, dazzling multicolored bubbles in varying speed and number pour through the sky. The idea is to bring the same colored ones together and then burst them to win points. You keep doing this, with the popping sound enticing you to stay immersed with Fuzzle Puzzle for hours – until you have successfully connected all the same colored bubbles together and pop them one by one.

Let’s see, which of you is the Smartest to complete all 3 levels in this endless fun game and sets the highest score?

[super 17 /]

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