The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were launched in september 2014, but after their arrival people are discussing about a new Apple’s smartphone, including it’s specs, release date, design and new features. As we all know that Apple has a traditional naming so it is possible that the new iPhone will be iPhone 6s not iPhone 7.

A few reports are proposing that the new series of iPhone 7 will weigh 129 grams, the same amount of as the iPhone 6, however it will look more like a phablet than a standard cell phone. since Apple generally keeps the same outline for two eras of the iPhone, the new, lighter, rounder and slimmer configuration of the iPhone 6 is relied upon to be continued to the iPhone 7 as well. In any case, since Apple generally keeps the same configuration for two eras of the iPhone, the new, lighter, rounder and slimmer outline of the iPhone 6 is required to be extended to the iPhone 7 as well.

It is estimated that the new upcoming iPhone 7 will have 4.7 inch display screen as the iPhone 6 but the most amazing thing is expected in this upcoming iPhone is that it will have a gesture controls that is already launched  in Samsung’s Galaxy S5. With the help of this feature, the user can use his cell phone without any touch. Another rumor about this upcoming iPhone is  that Apple will use solar power and the cell phone will be charged with solar cell. It means that the user will walk under the sun for the increase of  battery life.

One of the exceedingly far fetched bits of gossip is that the iPhone 7 will be permitting clients to have holographic projections. Such a high jump in engineering would definitely energize the universe of versatile clients, be that as it may, Apple is not the organization which would tackle such sort of innovation and incorporate it into their cell phones.

There have additionally been a few bits of gossip in regards to the discharge date of iPhone 7. In the event that Apple sticks to its customs, individuals can anticipate that the new iPhone 7 will touch base in September 2015. Then again it is additionally conceivable that the tech titan will choose to begin discharging new iPhones two times each year, keeping in mind the end goal to help it stay aware of the enhancing and developing rivalry.

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