learn a signappstoreTraining your baby is no longer difficult 

Learn a Sign will teach you so many important signs with its superbly designed flash cards. What more you want from this baby sign language best language learning apps, it will teach you signs first and then take your tests accordingly so that you remember everything. Well now we can say that sign language has never been so easy before this amazing baby sign Dictionary. This is a complete sign dictionary which every one must have to be complete.

Learn a Sign app will use its flash cards to make you understand what a sign means and above all it describes each sign in such an easy way.


  • Have a number of Flash Cards with different Categories.
  • Categories with all the signs they have.
  • Description of every sign also mentioned.
  • Flip the sign to original is also available.
  • Exercise or test feature.
  • Help Feature in a new way.
  • Sharing and Feedback is also available.
  • Customer Support.


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3 Responses to Learn A Sign

  1. Terry Lewis says:

    amazing app! nice work dude.

  2. Très attractif, je crois que ce poste devrait intéresser une pote

  3. Je peux vous dire que c’est éternellement une joie de visiter ce blog