Sky Balloons
Sky Balloons can be played using game center, now you can challenge your friends. Lets see who is the one to beat you. Lets see who becomes the hall of fame.The aim of this game is to place the balloons in the box of similar color, by moving window up and down in a limited time
Bees Spot On
New Era of Killer Bees has began! Its time to eliminate them! Bees Spot On game tests a user’s reflexes by requiring the user to touch Moving spots before they disappear The spots shrink as they move,Making them harder to touch. The game begins on level one, and The user reaches each higher level by touching 10 spots.
Whack Zombies

The Undead are unleashed and are awaking in full moon nights.Whack them and send them back to Hell. Horror fun packed game is an iconic intervention for the app lovers. The undead will rise and you have to whack them to fill the Hell. It’s something new for the Halloween feast.

We have successfully sold to 2ndmouse venture in 2017 :).