Match-Stick-ArtworkappstoreMatchstick game classic fun game and good for brain development.  Anyone can enjoy game with easy control and intuitive setup. You will also learn different matchsticks illusions. Like other puzzle drawing games you can also enjoy matchstick puzzle Game rules are simple, you have a figure just place the matchsticks over the figure.

It’s simply amazing how some people manage to turn the most common objects into impressive stick art. Experts suggested that educating the society with the arts can result in a good influence and eventually play an important role in the quality of life of all citizens. Go download it and make yourself matchsticks masters.


  • Attractive and easy to use Interface.
  • Easy Sharing via email, Facebook and twitter.
  • You can place the sticks over the shapes already given in this app.
  • You can create your custom artwork using matchsticks.
  • You can capture your artwork


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