Snack Reader
Snack Reader is an application of short stories, this application will entertain you with its amazing short stories.
Science Journal
Science is part of our daily life. Everything we do and deal in life is science from gardening, playing games on computer, using mobile, daily weather reports, reading a map and using microwaves.
Begger Escape
Beggar Escape is a fun game which gives you control of a beggar, all you need to do is to save the poor beggar from falling stones.
Hundred Pushups Pro
A unique application for your Iphone or IPAD that allows you to monitor your daily exercise in an appropriate manner so that it won't interfere with your daily schedule.
Bicycle Exercises Ride
Bicycle Exercise Ride application has map paths. You can call this app route planner as it helps in tracking your bike routes.
Couch to 5K WorkOut
Health is always impacted by the lifestyle we live. The modern lives we live do not give us enough time to take care of our bodies...
Couch To 10K Workout
The couch to 10K app supplies visual and audio cues so you know when to walk and when to run, without having to keep track of time and intervals.
Moody Mood
People believe that emotions and moods are same and one thing. But in actual, it’s not the same. Mood reflects the state of being emotional either in a good way or the other.
Fuzzle Puzzle
Bubble game is a unique game. This game involves deep thinking and strategy instead of fast paced action. Bubble game is very popular among children and adults.
Fast Mind
Fast mind not only sharpen your thinking ability but it’s also a reason of cheerfulness for you. We might bang on about switching off our brains, but really we’re all addicted to a mental challenge.
Earth Teacher
“Earth teacher” application will teach you about earth in details and then it will test you with designed quizzes in it. This App will make sure that you learn the basics about earth.
S'nack for Kids Stories
Snack for kids; a flashcard app, is especially designed application to help your kids in learning through a coolest and swiftest way.
Birdie Vs Hippo
Birdie vs. Hippo that blends together vibrantly rendered cartoon imagery, action, and strategically minded game play into one entertaining package.
Alpha Hippo
Alpha hippo is simply one of the best alphabet games for kids. This game will be helpful for a preschool kid as well as it makes learning process easier for kids.
Toned Squats Workout
Toned Squats Workout is one package for all these benefits in your iPhone/ iPad. Detailed develop plan which will make you fitter in 6 weeks.
Calories Explorer
Calories Explorer app is a complete package containing all your plans, controls your diet and keeps you healthy and fit.
Weekly Sit-Ups Workout
If you are worried because of your day to day increasing weight then start using this app. It will surely help you to burn your calories and weight.
Unit Conversion Calculator
This app offers a healthy selection of unit converters and also it has some specialized unit conversions for scientists and engineers.
Yoga Workout
The application provides you different sort of exercises, each exercise containing a description and pose image.
Easy food recipe villa
If you want to cook some thing different and delicious then you need good and easy method recipes. Then Recipes application is the best option.
Dips Fitness Plan
Workouts are designed to build muscle very quickly. This is quickest route to muscle growth. These kinds of exercise are used in military training all over the world like Dips, Pushups, Sit-ups and ...
Couch to 5k Warzone
Tired of making yet another “weight-loss” resolution you know you can’t keep? What if there was a way that could really make it happen? So if you are still potato-ing on your couch.....
Bat Robo - Battery Expert
Bat Robo will help you utilize your battery use in a smart way because this application is a battery robot which the name tells you as well.
Tipi Tapi Toee
BEAT YOUR TIME by tapping your screen clear off the foulest looking monsters in known history. Do that; and the glory is all yours! The GRIPPING fan favorite with millions of downloads returns has lots to promise, and this time your score’s at stake! Tap out as many monsters in the littlest amount of time, to set a record!
Cube Blaster
Cube blaster is all about balance & focus. Don't hook the fish, its time time to blow up. We have set for you fishes to blast so this is going to be very entertaining. This is the latest format of cube games. However, you would be wondering about the use of physics, geometry and sling shot in this game.
King Prison Breaker

Have you ever had an encounter with the expert prison breaker? Not all of us want to meet such horrible thief, who is running away from the cops every time. The cops are really irritated by his prison-breaking habits and ducking away skills. Who can be that someone who is clever enough to catch him?

PlayMe Green- Talking Birdie
PlayMe Green is a birdie who will flirt with you with her amazing acts and will impress you to become fan of her, in fact get addicted to her. Enjoy promptness and fun with a birdie to release stress from your life. The quick response and the hilarious acts will make you jump with the laughter.
Learn a Baby Sign
Baby Sign Language gives you a glimpse into your baby’s world. Share their joy as they figure things out.
Brain Matrix
Is a picture matching card game. This game is a source of new intuitive entertainment with addiction.
Baby Phone Monitoring
The most efficient application is just a click away which can help you in monitoring your baby by letting you keep tabs on a sleeping child while in any another part of the house.
Wake Up Alarm Clock
Being late at work or at school doesn’t really leave a good impression at others. Or does it? We all know that punctuality is really important.
Sky Balloons
Sky Balloons can be played using game center, now you can challenge your friends. Lets see who is the one to beat you. Lets see who becomes the hall of fame.The aim of this game is to place the balloons in the box of similar color, by moving window up and down in a limited time
Sky Ballons Saga
Sky-balloon is a very entertaining app, specially designed for iPhone/iPad. Kids and adults, infect every age group love to play this game.
Dollar Grabber
Dollar Grabber is a real fun to play. yeah! playing with Dollars is always a fun you know. :)
Math Hippo
Math Hippo is a learning math apps for kindergarten as well as fun for kid’s .The primary goal is to have fun – but Kids will also greatly improve their Math learning along the way.