Science Journal
Science is part of our daily life. Everything we do and deal in life is science from gardening, playing games on computer, using mobile, daily weather reports, reading a map and using microwaves.
Learn a Baby Sign
Baby Sign Language gives you a glimpse into your baby’s world. Share their joy as they figure things out.
Math Hippo
Math Hippo is a learning math apps for kindergarten as well as fun for kid’s .The primary goal is to have fun – but Kids will also greatly improve their Math learning along the way.
Brain Matrix
Is a picture matching card game. This game is a source of new intuitive entertainment with addiction.
Fast Mind
Fast mind not only sharpen your thinking ability but it’s also a reason of cheerfulness for you. We might bang on about switching off our brains, but really we’re all addicted to a mental challenge.
Earth Teacher
“Earth teacher” application will teach you about earth in details and then it will test you with designed quizzes in it. This App will make sure that you learn the basics about earth.
Matchstick Artwork
Matchstick Artwork is interesting game and time killer machine .It will give you a platform to show your creativity.
S'nack for Kids Stories
Snack for kids; a flashcard app, is especially designed application to help your kids in learning through a coolest and swiftest way.
Alpha Hippo
Alpha hippo is simply one of the best alphabet games for kids. This game will be helpful for a preschool kid as well as it makes learning process easier for kids.
Unit Conversion Calculator
This app offers a healthy selection of unit converters and also it has some specialized unit conversions for scientists and engineers.
Boys and Girls Baby Names
Choosing your baby’s name can be a difficult decision. This app makes the process much more manageable by including tons of baby names.