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Set the sail with Pirates, Get Social with Pirate Language !

Pirates Cam, Parley social hub is for pirate lovers and yes for everyone out there to make them love pirates with its pirate cam, pirate codes and interactive pirates emotions.

Take a picture of your friend or use the picture from your gallery and then use all the pirates stuff like pirates hats, beard, mustache and whiskers to give pirates look. When you are done, share the amazing creation with your friends circle on Facebook and twitter.

Pirates Codes, Pirates codes are being used by buddies to share their gossips. You can use the ones which are already in the application and even you can create new. After creating you need to share these on facebook and twitter to get funky responses.

Pirates EMOs, Amazing emotions will help you interact with your friends circles on facebook and twitter to make you a social pro. Pirate EMOs are designed considering the look of pirates.

This app will make you a pirate, so enjoy the fun of being a pirate.


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