Sky-BalloonappstoreWe like balloons. We love parties. If there’s a party with balloons we’re in heaven…

Welcome to our new Sky Balloons Saga App – which throws a party decorated with colorful balloons for people of all ages. This app is for sure going to lift your moods and fill you up with desire to play with them.

The app is created on a amazing theme, with balloons of same and different colors moving in a rectangular box, with a wall in the middle. A window in the wall allows you to shift balloons from one portion to another. The aim of the game is to store similar colored balloons in one box. As the game progresses, the frequency of the balloons increases, requiring you to use quick responses to hold identical balloons at one place.

An ideal app for times when you are low, for it is surely going to boost your spirits and the colors will fill you with new desire and hope!

SO, are you ready for this awesome Balloons Party? Buy our Sky Balloons Saga App today and get prepared for a rocking party time!


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