Sky-balloon is a very entertaining app, specially designed for kids and adults, infect every age group love to play this game. While designing this game the special factor we kept in mind was the usability and user interaction. Because of that this app engages people for hours. Alternatively People always love to play this game. As per fun and entertainment it is providing, we think this app is of very low cost.

The aim of this game is to place the balloons in the box of similar color, by moving window up and down in a limited time. Initially balloons of two different colors are moving here and there in a rectangular box partitioned by a wall. There is a window in the wall through which balloons will pass from one box to another box. The balls will keep on increasing as the levels progress and you need to move the balloons in limited time.

Sky Balloons can be played using game center, now you can challenge your friends. Lets see who is the one to beat you.
Lets see who becomes the hall of fame.


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