kid story , little kid stories , stories for kids, short kid stories, flashcard app, flashcard games, Kid games, children storiesappstoreHave you ever tried to educate your child through stories?

Snack for Kids, easiest way of learning. Stories not only work as an educational factor but makes kids joyful and exultant through its ever appealing behavior.

  1. Do you know that what’s the best source to make your kids happy?
  2. Do you have any idea that how easily kids capture the idea and lesson from stories ?
  3. Have you ever asked your child that they love stories or not?
  4. Did this thing ever click your mind that how stories help kids in building new ideas?

Have you ever noticed that stories make your child creative and lead towards high thinking?

Children are always curious towards stories. Story boils down the idea in mind and then reform that in their own ways.

Snack for kids is a flashcard app. Especially designed application to help your kids in learning through a coolest and swiftest way.


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One Response to S’nack for Kids- Kids Stories in Amazing Flashcards

  1. sandy vanvalkenburg says:

    why on earth would you say ‘damn’ while promoting a kids story app?!