beesSpotOnAndroid_AppStore168_57New Era of Killer Bees has began! Its time to eliminate them!

Dive into the ocean of fun with popping bees. Bees Spot On a game that won’t let you even to take your sight away from your smartphone. The core logic behind the game is to spot the bees before they disappear. It sounds easy but it’s hard to spot each when it reaches the super speed.

The user begins the game with three additional lives, which are displayed in the bottom- left corner of the app. If a spot disappears before the user touches it, a flushing sound plays and the user loses a life. The user gains a life for each new level reached, up to a maximum of seven lives. When no additional lives remain and a spot’s animation ends.

The simple user interface is designed for all groups of ages. Whether you are sharing score or app its extremely simple and fast. When the user touches a spot, the app makes a popping sound and the spot disappears. Points are awarded for each touched spot (10 times the current level).

Each and every level is a challenge. Bees move fast and fingers get stuck. The more you will reach to the high levels mouthful of fun you will sip. Three lives and hundreds of bees…. So think before you spot on otherwise it will get harder to save a single life.

Fun Features

  1. Smart and easy to use user interface makes your playing experience easy and full of fun
  2. Three (3) lives start which can lead to 7 if you have potential to reach and kill the bees with pace
  3. Non stop fun with sharing your score with friends and family to pass a challenge to them
  4. Pure and catchy graphics to have a super gaming experience rather than playing with simple boxes or rounded shapes.
  5. Super simple game with prevailing hard challenges level to level

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