In this epic adventure you will be taken through several levels.

The name of this game is “Cube Blaster” but it is not at all like the other cube games. It does not involve any boring cubes. This game is a mix of simple everyday fun. It’s a ball game. It is easy to get started. It is a fun pack and easy to play but hard to resist.

Drag the bubble shooter to use it like a slingshot, point the ball towards the target and let it go by lifting your finger from the screen. You can also control bubble speed by varying your finger movement.  When you blast all the fishes then next level starts. On every shot you get the points.

Share your scores with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Invite them to play and increase group excitement.

Use your imagination ! ARE YOU READY FOR THE CHALLENGE.


  • Different types of fishes
  • Levels of varied difficulties
  • Quality images with superb animation
  • Plays on IPAD, IPod, IPhone
  • User can rate this application
  • Instructions on how to play the game
  • Easy Sharing via email, face book and twitter

[super 16 /]
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