The Undead are unleashed and are awaking in full moon nights

Whack them and send them back to Hell. Horror fun packed game is an iconic intervention for the app lovers. The undead will rise and you have to whack them to fill the Hell. It’s something new for the Halloween feast. Don’t get involved in Slicky Zombie games with so many features to buy just to play its first level. it’s all free just after paying for 1st and last time.

Totally tyranny and sheer fun is there where you whack these zombies coming out of graves. These tricky zombies can puzzle you by coming out at different spot at a time.

Zombies Whack won’t let you feel bored. Tap tap tap!!! Whack Whack Whack…. These Hell creatures must find their way back. It’s not a PG or rated game, its for all age groups. Simple but addictive, must keep an eye on every grave or let these unleashed zombies kill you.


  1. Whack Zombie IPhone / IPAD game for all age groups with a simple user interface
  2. Easy sharing option gives you chance to share the classical horror zombies game with friends and family
  3. Don’t let down if you need help there is a help button for you to get instructions
  4. Mystic game sound which will rise your Goosebumps when listened alone at night
  5. Count your hits and points these are the score shows how much you have sent zombies back to hell


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