BEAT YOUR TIME by tapping your screen clear off the foulest looking monsters in known history. Do that; and the glory is all yours!

The GRIPPING fan favorite with millions of downloads returns has lots to promise, and this time your score’s at stake! Tap out as many monsters in the littlest amount of time, to set a record! You can share your high scores on scoreboards, Facebook and Twitter!

Know Thy Enemy – Meet The Monsters:

  • Tippi: a grueling single eyed monster hungry of the record you set, easy to finish off with a timely single tap!
  • Tappi: a gross double eyed monster adamant to beat your record. Knock him out, by a hurried double tap!
  • Toee: a gruesome triple eyed monster hungry for your record. Slay this one with 3 hasty taps!

All too simple? Think again: Time is of the essence! Clear the screen as fast as possible to set high scores on leader boards as you compete with friends all over the world.

What’s more you say? Well, how is this for top notch features:

  1. An interactive and user-friendly interface that keeps you coming back for more!
  2. Setting high scores without competing with anybody = BORING!! So we realize that it is of epic importance for you to be able to share your scores on leader boards, Facebook and Twitter.
  3. A score of 3 stars! Help us by getting back to us with your valuable feedback and reviews!
  4. Music for backgrounds and scoring, that sets your mood to” get ‘em monsters”
  5. Option to Switch off iAds, when they get in the way of some serious tippi-tappi-toee wipeout
  6. And we mean it when we say it: NO distraction! NO unnecessary ads!
  7. What’s a life without a challenge? And is not the biggest challenge the beating of time? We assure you once again, that is what tippi-tappi-toee have in store for you!
  8. So get your digits a-tapping over those gruesome, gross, grueling monsters!

Download the app now!

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