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Health is always impacted by the lifestyle we live. The modern lives we live do not give us enough time to take care of our bodies. We should keep this in our mind that a good healthy life is precious gift to us and we won’t have to lose it. Walk is the key to ultimate fitness. To have complete health, one should maintain a balance diet and a healthy lifestyle.

The Couch-to-5K is your fitness buddy that supplies visual and audio cues so you know when to walk and when to run, without having to keep track of time and intervals. At the same time, you can listen to your own music. couch 5k keeps track of your progress, starting you off on the next day’s plan each time you reopen the app after completing a workout, including a pre workout warm-up and post-workout cool down. It’s so important to prepare yourself for your workout, this gives you the best chance of completing the workout to the best of your ability. A lot of people find that using some of the best thermogenic pre workout supplements help them to prepare for exercises, giving them the energy they need to power through.

There are easy settings to turn on and off, such as whether you want the songs on your playlist to shuffle or not. It gives you option to tweet your completed workout and gives you complete details about your workout sessions. This app is easy to use without reading any instructions; just get running (couch to 5k) by downloading it and Go Couch to 5.


  • 9-week program for running beginners
  • Each workout is 30 to 40 minutes long (including warm-up and cool-down)
  • Automatic or manual transitions between walk/jog
  • Beep played after each jog/walk
  • Gives you complete detail about your workout session
  • View and edit completed workout
  • Listen to your own music via a customized playlist
  • Share with friends via twitter
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  1. Roger says:

    Thumbs up Guys
    This App reduced my weight from 103 kg to 92 kg in just 3 weeks.

  2. Helena says:

    Never thought an application would help me this much! Amazing application, highly recommended to all those who are having weight problems.. Excellent Work!

  3. Lina says:

    This application is too good if you want to make a routine for exercise. and i am using it without any problems.

  4. Jasmin says:

    Excellent subject I could not thought off that !

  5. foamy says:

    Once again, perfect post! couldn’t resist from telling you that 🙂

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