Mobile Media City is creating applications for  Android and iPhone devices.

Mobile Media City is a leading mobile apps development software company. Mobile Media City has launched many mobile applications that are being downloaded by every age group. We are creating applications for Android and iPhone devices. Our fan base is growing at an exceptional rate and is enjoying a unique mobile experience. You can catch our apps from here


The Mobile media city Games app is the easiest way for you to discover new games, track achievements and scores, and play with friends around the world. Scouring the App Store for the best games is a full time job. It does provide entertaining and full of fun game for all ages. This app is for sure going to lift your moods and fill you up with desire to play with them. This app is full of entertainment not only for children but for everyone.

Health & Care:

Health & Care application help to reduce your weight. It’s not only help to burn your calories but also to stabilize your overall body structure. Its helps you’re BICEPS, TRICEPS SHOULDER TONING. These apps aim to help cross out the “later” in your “to do” list in an accessible, user friendly and relevant way. So be it time management, or weight loss programs, we’ve got it all handy here for you. Install this application on your iPhone/ iPad, burn your calories.

Social app:

Social app is best app where we met the unknown people and then become a good friend Social mobile applications take many social forms depending on a particular application. Many social networking mobile applications take the form of self-managed social network allowing end users to create personal connection directly while other supports community based groups with aligned interests.

Education app:

Educational App Store is the place to find the best education apps for mobile learning and teaching. Children can learn better from well designed educational apps.  Spend an afternoon brushing up on statistics or math or sign language. As time progresses, hypotheses’ state that the scientific and technological world is becoming increasingly aware of inventions, discoveries and changes. WE realize that you like keeping up with the new; and so we have come up with a handy way to keep you in touch with the scholastic new.

Utilities Apps:

Utility apps are amazing helpers to make your iPhone even smarter. From flashlights to calculators to protecting your device’s private data, we’ve got you covered. In this App list, we’ve done extensive research to highlight some utility apps that will have you and your iPhone working together with ease.

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